Suicide of UNN student elicits concern
Akachi's photo on Facebook

Suicide of UNN student elicits concern

The death of a young final year student of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN, believed to be a first class student and identified as Chukwuemeka Akachi has committed suicide, is eliciting concerns across the society.

Many worry that the spate of suicide is a concern that should propel action from the relevant authorities.

Executing Director of Citizens Advocacy for Social and Economic Rights (CASER), Mr. Frank Tietie, said: “The Rising Rate of Reported Suicides among young Nigerians calls for an urgent concern to leaders of faith and other social workers.

“Young people of these days are not equipped with the right kind of philosophies that are able to equip them to face the real world and its problems.

“When people are brought up with a make believe mentality, sham, lack of depth and a missing personal and shared moral standpoint, they easily give up on reality.

“Suicides are often resorted to by good people who give up on the wicked reality of a world that defies their coping abilities.

“There is urgent need to revert to faith which has for a long time given a worldview that encourages life and hope above death, in search for solutions to life’s problems”.

A student of English and Literary Studies, he allegedly took his own life after dropping a suicide note on Facebook.

He allegedly consumed two bottles of a poisonous substance and it was the second time he would be attempting suicide in recent times, it was disclosed.

Akachi was believed to have had a long battle with mental health before he took committed suicide and this was confirmed in one of his social media posts prior to his death.

Taking to his Facebook to post his suicide note, Akachi who was also a budding poet wrote,

“Forgive me. In case you are the one who found the body, I am really sorry. It had to be someone, you know. I have chosen Jo Nketaih’s poem as my suicide note: “They said you came looking for me. I didn’t drown; I was the water.” Where do atheists go to when they die? lol. Amen.”

Earlier, Akachi had in an earlier post alluded to his mental health challenges.

“My mental health has been on life support for a while now. Thanks to those who call. Text. Visit. Speak to me. May we always remember. May we never forget. You may have added a few hours, months or days to my time here. But you know life support is expensive, right? Thanks for trying. Amen.”

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