Trump, May, World leaders condemn New Zealand’s mosque attack
Responders at the scene of the shooting

Trump, May, World leaders condemn New Zealand’s mosque attack

U.S. President, Donald Trump,  British Prime Minister, Theresa May and other world leaders on Friday condemned the mosque shootings in New Zealand that left 49 people dead a “sickening act of violence.”

Trump on his twitter handle @RealDonaldTrump said that the attack was senseless. While commiserating with those that died, he pledged the support of the U.S. to New Zealand.

“My warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured. The U.S. stands by New Zealand for anything we can do. God bless all!

For the UK Prime Minister, May, she wrote: “On behalf of the UK, my deepest condolences to the people of New Zealand after the horrifying terrorist attack in Christchurch,” May tweeted on Friday.

“My thoughts are with all of those affected by this sickening act of violence.’’

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel has expressed sorrow over the “citizens who were attacked and murdered out of racist hatred’’ in attacks on two mosques in New Zealand that killed many.

“We stand together against such acts of terrorism,” Merkel said through her spokesman, Steffen Seibert, on Twitter.
She added that the victims had been doing nothing more than “peacefully praying in their mosque.”

Turkish President, Recep Erdogan urged leaders to take measures against what he called the “dangerous trend” of Muslims being targets of attacks, particularly in Western societies.

His comments came in the wake of attacks on two mosques in New Zealand that killed at least 49 people.

“It is clear that the perception represented by the murderer [in New Zealand] … has started to swiftly take over Western societies like a cancer,” Erdogan said.

“We urge the whole world, the Western countries in particular, to take urgent measures against such dangerous trend.”
EU Council President, Donald Tusk, says New Zealand has Europe’s “solidarity” following the twin mosque attack that left at least 49 people dead in Christchurch.

“Harrowing news from New Zealand overnight. The brutal attack in Christchurch will never diminish the tolerance and decency that New Zealand is famous for.

“Our thoughts in Europe are with the victims and their families,” he tweeted.

Tusk said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern “can count on our solidarity.”

Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, on Friday offered his deepest condolences to the government and people of New Zealand following the multiple shootings in Christchurch, which left many dead and 48 others injured.

In a statement, Wickremesinghe said New Zealand is a country with a strong history of peace, multiculturalism and tolerance and there was no doubt that its people will not allow this incident to undermine those values.

In the wake of the heinous attacks, Wickremesinghe said he also offered his support to New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the incident was one of New Zealand’s darkest days.

Saudi Arabia on Friday said that one of its nationals was injured in the attack that targeted two mosques in New Zealand.

The Saudi embassy in New Zealand revealed in a statement posted on its Twitter account that the citizen sustained minor injuries without revealing its identity.

It called upon Saudis in the Christchurch city where the attack took place to be cautious, follow the local authorities’ instructions and stay at home until situations are back to normal.

The embassy also asked its nationals to contact the embassy in case of emergency.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has expressed his “heartfelt sympathies” for New Zealand following the attacks in Christchurch.

The terrorist attack in Christchurch has left 49 dead and 48 injured on Friday, New Zealand police said.

“We grieve, we are shocked, we are appalled, we are outraged, and we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred today by an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist,” Morrison on Friday.

“This attack reminds us of the evil that his ever present and would seek to strike out at any time.”

“I particularly want to express my sincere prayers and thoughts for those New Zealanders, indeed Australians of Islamic faith today, who have been the subject of this callous right-wing extremist attack.”

New Zealand Police Minister, Mike Bush, confirmed that three men and one woman were in police custody in relation to the multiple shootings at two separate mosques in central Christchurch.

Bush said he was aware that the footage of the Al-Noor Mosque shooting was on social media and police were doing everything they could to get it removed.

“I found the advice of the New Zealand police force to be particularly wise.

“They have said, and I agree, and do not allow this evil into our lives. Do not share the footage. Do not watch the footage,” Bill Shorten, leader of the opposition Australian Labor Party, said

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