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Beneficiaries or benefactors

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“God, I pay my tithes, I support your work, I give to the needy, I shouldn’t be in this situation. *Are you not a just God again?”* This was the lamentation of a  certain child of God as he faced a very  challenging situation.

*The bottom line of this lamentation is the sense or feeling that The Lord God is a beneficiary of our philanthropy or benevolence, and so He owes us a payback?* Nothing can be further from the truth. Who are we without Him or what do we have that we did not receive from Him?

*“…For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To him be the glory forever!”*
(Romans 11:36)

We are mere beneficiaries of God’s goodness and mercies. We do Him no favours giving back to Him all we got from Him in the first place. *Grateful souls do not tithe kindness, they gladly pay back with thanks.*

© Buti Sam KPUTU

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