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Lord, revive us or we perish! (23, 24, 25)

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By Festus Ndukwe

Lord, Revive Us or We Perish! (23)

Certain practices in Church are a cause for great concern. Certain men of God moving with a retinue of body guards; some ushers standing behind the man of God like statues while he is preaching the word; the pianists playing some keys while the message is going on and while people are praying. How can the pianist listen to the word and pray for his own life? Where did they learn these practices? From Jesus? Does the Holy Spirit need the backing of the pianist before He can perform? It looks subtle and harmless but it shows lack of reverence to God whom we come to worship. Only a revival can sweep these away!

Lord, Revive Us or We Perish! (24)

Let’s turn the search light towards ourselves. Is there any sin or iniquity we are committing that no one knows but we alone? Are there dirty practices we do in the secret? Do we beat our wives, sexually molest those around us? Can we say to the best of our knowledge there is nothing? This is not to mention secret faults, that is, things we don’t know that are wrong. Let’s start the purging first of the sins we di know, then the ones we do not know can come later. Genuine revival begins from here. May God help us do this sincere spiritual scan on ourselves!


Lord, Revive Us or We Perish! (25)

A Christian must be in deep darkness for him to be committing sin and he doesn’t know. A sincere Christian will know when he has committed transgression. How will I find myself in fits of rage, and I don’t know it is sin? How can I abuse someone with poisonous words, and the person is crying, and I don’t know it is Jesus I have hurt? Then I am not a Christian. If I am a Christian I will know, and I must prostrate before the Lord to purge me of this evil. My brother, my sister, let’s start from ourselves, then this fire of revival will ignite those around us.

Bro. Ndukwe, a Christian minister lives in Lagos, and sent this via WhatsApp.


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