Saturday’s WhatsApp conversation on Marriage

Saturday’s WhatsApp conversation on Marriage

By Gowon Omale

“Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning. How are the wifely duties and that violent city of yours melting together?

“Not so good sir but I’m trying my best.”

“Madam. I will tell you what I always tell my daughter: if anyone can make an A+ in your class, you also can! If there are people who are excelling in that city, YOU CAN!

“If you are hemmed in and choking, use your time to ventilate by producing a book on the DIARY OF A BORED WIFE. Write 500 words every week, I will edit until it is enough to make a book.

“Bros, I’m trying my best sincerely Sometimes I feel like Marriage is not for everyone. In addition to my hussy is always away at work

“The only set advised to abstain from marriage are those committed to a life of service to God, who need not the distraction of a spouse and the objects of love therefrom (children).

“Also, marriage, I think, is one of Heaven’s creation to build the virtues of character in us if we are to live in eternity with God. Virtues like patience, love (not smoochy woochy affection), etc.

“At times, you can feel like either killing the spouse, or getting some money and just running off. However, both are not endorsed by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Life who established the school and put it in the hearts of men to give you your certificate on the day of admission. He gives a certificate at the beginning because He knows everyone can make it. So, make it work!

“Start on your knees; continue on your knees; and finish on your knees. In between, give your husband his dues (in his stomach and every where else); take care of the products of the marriage; and God will see you through thick and thin.

“Remember, if others are succeeding and getting an A+, you, too, can!

‘Don’t believe the lie of Satan told by men that marriage does not work. Satan knows that a godly marriage is antithetical to all his own wicked plans! Shame him!

“Believe it or not, after over two decades in marriage, I still ask if I am cut out for it. It would be sheer hypocrisy and a lie for me to say it is a walk in the park: IT IS NOT! Anyone who tells you it is, even after 50 years, is refusing to tell you the words of that popular lyric of the late 80s and early 90s: “everybody plays the fool”. Whether hussy or wifey, one has to play the fool prayerfully, one time or the other, for marriage to succeed. I don’t know why, but women play it the more; because, if the truth be told they own and build the home! We are merely visitors offered a warm plate of food and a warm bed.”

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