Ever heard those cliches spuring us unto prayer?: “Prayer is the key… a Prayerless Christian is a powerless Christian…Pray Until Something Happens”. How we need them, especially in these days of DIY – do it yourself.

Believers and People all over the World celebrate prayer for various reasons – from the egoistic to the altruistic. Prayer seeks to bring the divine into our mundane

The question is, when does prayer start and when does praying ends? Moses called of God to lead Israel out to the promised land. The Lord gave them clear signs when to move. At the sight of the Red Sea and the advancing army of Pharaoh, fear and dread pushed them to switch from simple obedience to passionate praying.

God’s response was swift and clear: *Stop praying, Move Forward! – Exodus 14:15. For prayer begins when the Lord has not spoken, and ends when He has spoken. From thence, obedience, not more praying, is the key to seeing His power and glory.

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