American professor accuses World Bank of stifling Africa’s growth; thumbs up GAGUT theorem

American professor accuses World Bank of stifling Africa’s growth; thumbs up GAGUT theorem

By Rejoice Ojodubiuñw, Lokoja.

The World Bank has been accused of orchestrating the “obscenely huge death rate increases in the Africa/Black world since its emergence after the Second World War.

Prof. Henry Gross, a professor of Mathematics with OFAPPIT Institute of Technology, USA made this accusation in a letter he addressed to the Vice President, Africa, World Bank Makhtar Diop in October to protest the institution’s sustained attack against the “blessings” of GAGUT (God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem).

According to him, the theorem – Gagut Gij,j=0 is a revelation from God to an African/Black man, Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, which infallibly proved that all solutions to all human problems originate out of one variant Gi, that infallibly defines God – the source from which all things originate.

Gross berated the World Bank for its pretences at providing loans for the African/Black world reconstruction, since World War II.

He said it was rather unfortunate that there had been no reconstruction of Africa/Black world, instead that section of the world “has been receiving more additional new destruction that are on going in spite of the World Bank’s claim that it had been giving it huge reconstruction loans.”

Gross charged the global financial body to either begin to work with gagut Gij,j=0 or leave the Africa/Black world alone since its destructive influence contradicts the purpose of its presence in that section of the world.

He described gagut Gij,j=0 as God’s blessing to the black race to return the to their God-ordered position as leaders of the world.

He stressed that with gagut Gij,j=0 the Africa/Black world does not need help from the whites any more since it has all solutions to all their problems and that of humanity as a whole.

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