Dangote goofed on Arsene Wenger

Dangote goofed on Arsene Wenger

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Arsenal: Aliko Dangote’s platform is dangerous, divisive and disrespectful

By Josh Sippie

Arsenal’s ownership is absolutely a point of contention, but Aliko Dangote flaunting his divisive platform is hardly the way forward.

Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have become synonymous over the past two decades because Le Prof literally lives and breathes the club he manages. And that era will come to and end, likely in two years when Wenger’s current contract runs up. He will have to leave the club that he has modernized and let someone else take the reigns.

But according to prospective Arsenal buyer Aliko Dangote, that isn’t soon enough.

“The first thing I would change is the coach,” he said, via Bloomberg. “He has done a good job, but someone else should also try his luck.”

I know some Wenger-outers out there are celebrating this ideology, but it made me fume. The level of disrespect here is awful and I don’t even consider myself a Wenger-Inner, or AKB or whatever they call it.

The audacity you have to have to say that the first thing you will do when you buy a historic club is to fire the manager who has done so much for them, literally countless amounts of improvements, and treat him like he’s just another guy so that “someone else should also try his luck?”

That’s asinine. That’s not how Arsenal works and if you want to tell me that should be how it works, I’ll be happy to debate you, because the “Arsenal way” is something that should be celebrated, not thrown into the trash compactor so “someone else can try his luck.”

And what is this “he has done a good job”? Arsene Wenger is hands down the greatest manager in the history of this club as well as in the history of the game and all you can say is “he’s done a good job but someone else needs to try their luck”?

Dis. Re. Spect. And to me, a lack of footballing knowledge, that the first thing you want to do is ride a horse into battle and start shooting wildly in all directions.

This is not the way forward. Especially not when Wenger is most likely going to retire at the end of his new deal, which is just another two years. So Dangote is saying that if he bought the club next summer, he’d fire a footballing legend in the final year of his deal?

That is a power trip. Right up there with Stan Kroenke, although in a completely different fashion.

I feel completely gross saying this, but I’d prefer a detestable Kroenke, who stays out of everyone’s business and serves as the perpetual Grinch of Arsenal, to Dangote, who is going to start cracking skulls just to show whose boss.

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