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The President’s fall: The day we dodged the bullet

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By Dr. Akerekoro

The events that unfolded on our screens during the Nigerian democracy day parade can best be described as seemingly benign, but essentially life-threatening. The President and Commander-in-Chief took a visibly horrific fall, from which, by a stroke of good fortune, he apparently emerged unscathed.

Indeed, as a medical professional, I was significantly relieved by his very poetic but hilarious comeback on stage hours later. I wrestled with the urge to run retrospective analysis of what could have gone wrong, perhaps to highlight to all stake-holders how more appreciative of the events of June 12th 2024 really meant.  I succumbed to the call of duty, reminded that, we learn even from the worst situation. I considered the potentials and consequences of Mr Presidents ‘’Eagle Square dobale’’ and a few possible injuries he escaped acquiring. I sincerely wish our President and his handlers the very best as we count the years.

Many in the medical field know the consequences of “falls in the elderly’’ they are usually very tragic and if not fatal, result in life changing injuries that takes a toll on the patients, their caregivers, families, communities and even nations (this one we escaped).

According to 2024 statistics produced by helpguide.org: ‘’Fall can lead to injury, hospitalisation, and even death. Fall prevention strategies and awareness are crucial to preventing these severe outcomes. Hip fractures, bruises, and head trauma are prevalent injuries from falls. The WHO reports 20–30 percent of older adults who fall in the United States suffer moderate to severe injuries such as bruises, hip fractures, or head trauma the likelihood of a fall resulting in hospitalisation increases with age. More than 95,000 older adults are hospitalised each year as a result of a fall injury. The chances of a fall requiring hospitalisation doubles between the ages of 65 and 90. The number of older adult deaths from falls is increasing. The fall death rate increased by 41 percent from 2012 to 2021 for adults 65 and older’’.

Looking at the above, we will all agree that the nation indeed dodged a bullet and we thank God for allowing Mr. President to escape what would have been a potential life changing event.

My prayers are that individuals who are responsible for looking out for Mr. President’s welfare should be more proactive in carrying out their duties. It cannot be business as usual, they have work to do.

Akerekoro is a pseudonym for a medical doctor who sent in the above piece, but pleaded for anonymity.

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