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How my kidney was removed for N880,000 at Alliance Hospital – 16 years old boy

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A 16-year-old boy, on Tuesday, told a High Court of Justice in Zuba FCT that he was given N880,000 cash by one Mr Emmanuel Olorunlaye, in Alliance Hospital, Abuja, after his kidney was removed.

The teenager made this known while being led in evidence by the prosecuting counsel, Hassan Tahir.

The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) charged the defendants alongside the Hospital with 11 counts bordering on organ harvesting.

The defendants are the Medical Director, Alliance Hospital, Dr Christopher Otabor, Emmanuel Olorunlaye, Chikaodili Ugochukwu, Administrative Secretary of the hospital and Dr Aremu Abayomi.

The 16-year-old boy said that he met Olorunlaye through a friend.

He said that Olorunlaye calls his friend when the hospital needs a kidney and that the hospital usually preferred persons with O+ blood group .

“My friend introduced me to Olorunlaye and told him I wanted to sell my kidney. Then Olorunlaye asked my friend to take me to any hospital around our area to know if I was healthy to donate my kidney.

“After going to a hospital for my check up, I was given my result and my friend took a picture of it and sent it to Olorunlaye via WatsApp because I did not have a phone.

“After two days Olorunlaye called my friend and sent some transport money to us to meet at the tAlliance Hospital to run some tests.

“I was taken to the laboratory for my blood samples and urine when I was done, Olorunlaye gave me N2,000 for a cab back home.

“He called me back to repeat the same test in the hospital and again sent me N2,000 for a cab.

“I went on to see him on a Tuesday and Olorunlaye informed me that the surgery will be performed on a Friday.

“He told me not to inform any of my family members and instructed me not to eat from 8p.m to 10a.m and I did as he said.

He alleged that Ugochukwu gave him some documents at 8 p.m. and instructed him to sign them but he did not read it.

He said Dr Abayomi (the fourth defendant) came into the room he was kept in and told him that he will perform a medical surgery on him.

”He told me not to worry he will save my life.

“A nurse came later arrived to get me and asked me change into the hospital wear and wheeled me into the theatre and gave me an injection that made me sleep.

“Two days later, I heard the nurse screaming my name so I answered and as I tried to get up I felt the sharp pain on my side.

“Olorunlaye came into to my room and informed me that my kidney had been removed and asked if I needed cash or mobile transfer of money,” he said.

He told the court that Olorunlaye told him that his friend, who “found” him, asked for his share of the N1 million and that he gave N100,000 from the money.

The minor said when he was discharged from the hospital, Olorunlaye asked him to get me hotel to stay in and that he should not mention his name in the whole thing.

“I was still in pain and decided to go back home, My friend broke the news to my brother that I had removed one of my kidneys.

“My brother immediately informed my father and he came and asked me to remove my shirt and he saw the stitches,” he said.

He said he met the MD of the hospital at the police station for the first time.

The minor said the MD approached his family and asked them to withdraw the matter from the police because he will take care of them.

During cross-examination, the prosecuting counsel asked the boy to raise his shirt for the court to see his scar and asked about his health.

The boy said he feels pain in the area sometimes and is still on medication

The defence counsel, Afam Osigwe, SAN, showed the boy the consent form and the affidavit from the high court and asked if he signed the documents and if his photograph was on the document.

He also asked if the boy stated in the document that he was 20 years old and that he wanted to donate a kidney for one Usman Mohammed, who he said was his cousin.

He replied that he only signed on a light pen and denied donating his kidney to Mohammed.

The prosecution however asked for an adjournment to enable him continue with his re-examination concerning the witness statement of oath made in the civil suit filed earlier in another High Court.

Justice Kezziah Ogbonnaya granted the application and adjourned the case until Wednesday for continuation of hearing.

● Report by NAN

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