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Blunt Zamfara emir nails it: Foreigners, mineral resources behind insecurity in North/West

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The Emir of Kwatarkwashi, His Royal Highness Abubakar Ahmad Umar, has blamed foreign collaborators, and the presence of mineral resources for the worsening insecurity in Zamfara State and northern Nigeria.

He also said the disagreements between Fulanis and Hausas over cattle rearing were initially the main cause of the conflict, but the situation has been aggravated by the discovery of gold and other mineral resources in the region.

Speaking to Defence Correspondents who visited his palace in Zamfara, on Tuesday the monarch alleged that foreigners with selfish interests are involved in the crisis, supplying arms to locals and exploiting the mineral resources while Nigerians killed each other.

“The truth is that there are foreign collaborators in the security situation in the North,” he said.

“Our people have been killed, other Nigerians have also been killed. The more security agencies kill the armed Fulanis, the more their numbers increase. Today, the military and other security agencies will go after them and kill them, tomorrow another set will come and attack our people.

“They come in from Mali, Burkina Faso and other places, kill our people and loot our resources.”

The Emir called for a holistic solution to the problem, urging the federal, state and local governments to work together to identify the root causes of the insecurity.

He advocated for increased military force against the perpetrators and improved welfare for security personnel.

According to him, “The government must use maximum force against the perpetrators to show them that they are in charge.

“Our military has over the years gone to foreign countries and made us proud. The security challenges in our country are not beyond them.

Umar also criticized the role of politics in the crisis, blaming politicians for prioritising party interests over national security. He urged the media and human rights groups to be more objective in their reporting of military operations.

“Politics is another reason why insecurity has lingered. If a governor brings an initiative to address insecurity, those from the other political party will not support him. The political class must bury their differences by being patriotic if we must tackle the menace of insecurity,” Umar added..

He further alleged that informants within communities, including some traditional rulers, are sabotaging the efforts of security agencies.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by his own community bordering areas terrorised by bandits and revealed that he has encouraged his people to defend themselves.

“I have told my people including women to defend themselves against the bandits.

“We believe one will die only once. Sometimes when our community is under attack we do whatever we can to defend ourselves before the arrival of the military.”

He, however, sought for the government to provide basic needs of citizens.

“To end banditry in Nigeria, there must be equality. Nigerians especially the poor have been denied basic things of life by the political class. Some politicians without university degrees earn far way above graduates and even soldiers who sacrifice the comfort for the country.

“The resources of the country are not evenly distributed amongst the citizens. The gap between the political class and ordinary citizens is too wide”, he added.

While commending the monarch, Brigadier General Mohammed Dahiru Abumawashi, Deputy Director Coordination of Media Operations who led the team, applauded his fatherly role in protecting his people and collaborating with troops.

He assured the citizens of the Armed Forces’ support to protect them from any external threats.

● Report and report by PRNigeria

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