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Video: Rave reviews for on-going movie from Rivers State: Parting Ways 1

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No sympathy, they made Wike(d) the monster – Sam

But they all made WIKE(d) the Frankenstein monster that he has become.

Where were all these people when WIKE(d) was using him as Accountant General to pocket River State’s treasury?

Where were they when he single-handedly handpicked him as successor, precisely to keep a lid on the finances?

I don’t like his politics, just like that of Akume and Yahaya Bello, but I have no sympathy for  Fubs and  his like, who yield themselves to be used to subvert popular choice only to start complaining?

It was the late Umaru Dikko who once told MKO Abiola, “When you ride on the back of a tiger to the dance, you are likely to end up in its stomach” Chikena!

[30/10/23]….This action movie must be very tough ooo????????????
Please, what is the title of the movie and who is the main actor/boss(baddest guy)???????????????
[30/10, 19:23]….The handwriting had been on the wall since
[30/10, 19:23]….I agree with you 100%. He thought he has monopoly of violence and rascality
[30/10, 19:25] …..The only power any politician has is always the power of incumbency.

Many of them don’t know that on time.

He will now know that a governor is more powerful than a Minister.

Four year from now he will hang in Abuja

[30/10, 19:27]…. (A former Vice President) will go and stand behind the Rivers State governor like he stood behind BAT????????????

This movie is still unloading…????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️

[30/10, 19:28]….Na introduction be this.

The real movie is coming

[30/10, 19:28]….Please remember the Nigerian ways of going to court to cancel all the suspensions and sackings (made by the governor).
The Supreme Court is in Abuja as it will eventually end there.

[30/10, 19:29]….Also remember the current governor knows all that transpired in the just presidential election in Rivers????????????

See movie..I will get my popcorn ready and cross my legs ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍

[30/10, 19:30]….He (Fubs) is no better than his master. A vulture cannot give birth to a lamb. Abeg leave criminals and their gangster moves

[30/10, 19:30]….Then Amaechi will join the movie????????????

[30/10, 19:30]….Plenty cast in the movie.

[30/10, 19:31]….We have nothing to lose here…just get your ???? and enjoy the movie????????????

[30/10, 19:33]….Angry Asari will join the part 4 of the movie.????????????I will reveal his script in part 3 if the movie ????????????

This movie is already a best seller in Nigeria ????????????

[30/10, 21:39]….In less than 12 hours has:

Sacked his chief of staff.

Sacked all 23 local government chairmen in Rivers State.

Dissolved the state executive council.

Changed the Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly.

Suspended the Chief Judge of Rivers state.

Don’t underestimate quiet people oooooo.

Dog wey dey bite, him no dey bark!

[30/10, 22:14]…. No. Some know how to wield power even out of office. Ask IBB

[30/10, 22:16]….Our courts can no longer enforce justice because they have been exposed. No matter the judgement, this one no be Imo State Supreme court nonsense. That was then. Rivers State will blatantly refuse to comply. They should come and do their worst.

[31/10, 06:35]…. A ReCAp of what Happened in Rivers state Today in the match Between SIM and Wike.

First Half:

(1) In the 2nd minute of the game, Wike’a former governor ‘ss veteran Striker, Former Speaker of the Rivers state House of Assembly Martin Amaewhule moved a motion to remove Ehie Edison as Leader of the house to take the lead.

(2) In the 40th minute team the (former governor) scored a second goal, as they served Sim his Impeachment notice.

Half Time SIM 0: Wike(d) 2

Second Half:

(3)50th minute of the game, Young Prodigy who is a two time Young player of the year  dribbles from the center half, as he buys over 18 other Assembly members to impeach the former Speaker of the House of Assembly (Martinho), scoring a world class goal bringing the scores to 1:2

(4) 65th minute, Edison is elected Speaker of the House of Assembly, bringing the game to a 2:2 scoreline.

(5) In the 82, 84th and 85th minute Edison who is obviously the man of the match, grabs three world class assists as he gets SIM to sack 23 LGA Chairmen, Chief of Staff, CSO and also Suspended the Chief Judge of the state.

Full Time; SIM 5 :Wike(d) 2.

That’s how today ended.

[31/10, 06:55]….Don’t be surprised that even though the score line is not even, the umpire might declare extra time. Nothing is impossible in naija.

[31/10, 11:19] (On Peter Fayosh’s prophecy), He’s the CO-CHAIR of WIKED’S Club – *AGBEROS IN POWER!!!*_????????

[31/10, 12:47]….Gov. Fubara, note that fmr Gov. Wike remains your best elder brother than anyone else; go back to (him) privately, reconcile with him.

I insist that my beloved Bro, Workaholic fmr Gov. Wike, is a very very kind man to whomever is deserving of his kindness. He is a man who will risk his own life for another.

He is a very simple and straightforward person when it comes to keeping to agreement between him and other person(s).

As a politician, he perfectly understands the dirty and muddy nature of our Nigerian Politics and has developed his own unique strategy to survive in it. So, in relating to or with anyone or people in politics, he fully deploys his survival strategy and won’t tolerate anyone who, having voluntarily agreed to be part of his political family and survival strategy, attempts to do otherwise. This is what many misunderstand and accuse him of being a dictator or domineering.

In this unfortunate political crisis in Rivers State, my Bro, H.E, Gov. Similayi Fubara, should have known better, how to privately resolve with fmr Gov. Wike, whatever it is bothering his mind. Wike listens and accepts superior reasoning or arguments. I can say this as a fact that I know. I know Wike very very well.

This unfortunate crisis in Rivers State Politics was very avoidable if and only if Gov. Fubara didn’t succumb to some external pressures to act against Wike the way he did. I blame him, not Wike.

However, going forward, I strongly advise Gov. Fubara, to retrace his steps and return back to that room where he and his former boss, Wike, often privately meet to discuss issues together.

I must remind him that many of those who are urging him now against Wike, neither love him nor Wike. In fact, they wish to see him fall from grace to grass.

Finally, I leave both of them (Wike and Fubara) with this words: WISDOM AND STRENGTH ARE NOT TWO OPPOSING VALUES.

Our beloved Rivers State shall overcome this and continue to rise and rise.
Comrade (Engr) Igbini Odafe Emmanuel

[31/10, 14:53]….No Emperor rules for ever

[31/10, 14:55] ….If am the governor after the meeting (among Fubs, Wike(d) and BAT), I will bite even deeper.

I will remove all the traditional rulers too.

[31/10, 15:08]….Gbam!!!

[31/10, 15:21]….(On sacking of traditional rulers) You are Wike(d)!
[31/10, 15:28]….(On humbling of Wike(d) by Fubs), Make he no humble nah, small pikin go disgrace am for market!

Make una warn Simi make he stay for him corner for Rivers, no dey travel dey shake hands around. He dey deal with, wetin Soyinka call them sef, brood of vipers! Only say dis brood don mix with…( I dey fear dem Stanley with their big, big grammar)

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