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Poetry: Liar In Political Attire!

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By Abdulrahman Yunusa

We have seen a short man who had a series of reek and insipid past, a man of unwanted personality who has been an awful test to the life a commoner.

Perhaps, he wants to be lobbied to contest for presidency like the man of integrity which was later found to be a tout. So, don’t take his words seriously, he has spewed many lies while chasing governorship seat and later deceived his people.

Let’s be wise and bold to reject old crooks like this man, we are not cursed to be ruled by heartless morons like him, I think. Apart from him being old as he claimed, he lacks both emotional and psychological sagacity to rule a country of which more than half of its people are wandering in the poor regalia of poverty and hardship with such devilish administrative plans he possessed.

He is “unsympathetic classist ” as Gimba Kakanda opined, and I have seen many writers of whom majority of them superseded the tyrant intellectually, attaching numerous insolent and ungodly remarks to his personality. Some tagged him as tyrant, some see him as opportunist, some hypocrites; and some even went to extra mile to call him ”The Black Pharaoh ” of our contemporary era. Huh ! What a black spot in the face of a human being.

Even without him craving to be out of the dirty game, the Nigerians he once lashed and starved with his political weapon will never forget his devilish acts and he will never be given another chance to play them in the mud again. He won’t be forgotten as a political dictator by any right thinking man. He has showcased himself in an awful and invidious manner. Kaduna and Abuja people will stand in a better position to attest to what I mean unequivocally.

For he has succeeded in opening the door of capitalistic reign with his iron hand to his political allies which such naughty idea (that has) thrown many poor people in to the dungeon of misery. Because it makes schools to be inaccessible to the ordinary citizens in some states, workers experienced the unimaginable nightmare under his watch and the watch of his likes. Yet, he claims to be a good a leader, what an irony!

Furthermore, his worthless legacies shall never be forgotten nor be forgiven by the victims of the circumstances and he will forever (by the) witch-hunted by the devils he created for himself during his reign. For he has played with the emotions of his people and buried their hopes, and more terribly, the hopes of young men living in such nasty environments were thrown in to the bin of political anarchy.

Therefore, now, Nigeria needs empathic and sympathetic men like those who served as nightmares to the living dwarf monster during his days. Late Yar’adua would forever be remembered as someone whose his life has been helpful to humanity in all ramifications while his antagonist will be remembered as someone whose life has been with series of mischievous trials and he should be remembered as hell keeper on earth.

The poor suffered under his watch, therefore, they would no longer trust him with their mandates again, even he if will aspire to rule them for the second time. That will be unbelievable, I reckon.

May he reap the black seed he sowed at odd hours.

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