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Abuja begins replacement of damaged, missing manhole covers

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Images show efforts of the Abuja authorities to cover dangerous and gaping manholes on streets as well as street sides in the city, following damage and theft. Damage to cars and injury to pedestrians are known to have occurred over the years as a result of the dangerous holes.

Metal covers are said to be stolen and the steel and iron melted for other uses. The theft of the covers is as old as Abuja, especially on deserted streets. In some other cases, the light compartments and bulbs on streetlight poles are disconnected and taken away by thieves.

In other places, overhead and underground electricity cables, especially within developed government yet-to-be-occupied estates have been known to be removed immediately after they are handed over or inaugurated.

It is not immediately known how much the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) is spending to replace the manholes scattered around the Federal Capital City (FCC), but sources suggest they run into tens of millions of Naira.

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