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(Opinion) Isoko nation: A case of lost political relevance

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By Mamode Felix Akugha
Even in the Old Bendel State, the Isoko Nation had political relevance. Now in a smaller project like Delta state they have lost all relevance and exist only as a willing tool for other political groups to use as they see fit.
Uzere was the second place where oil was drilled in Nigeria. So in effect Nigeria has been making money from Isoko land since the late fifties. So where is the evidence in Isoko land today ?
A people who cannot see beyond daily sustenance from some self-appointed political leaders who are actually local champions are doomed to remain under developed for ages to come.
The Isoko man cannot even make proper choices for himself. The last National assembly elections showed their voting pattern in favour of sit-tight politicians.
Even in the senatorial election they voted against themselves and voted to support a fifth termer. A senator who has had no impact in Isoko land for the last four terms he has served. A senator who sold off his right to become the Minority Leader as a ranking senator  to a first time senator. For a position that is supposed to rotate between three ethnic groups the Isoko people could not see that a vote for the continuation of a 5th term was a vote against themselves.
Today the Deputy Governor of Delta State is from Senator’s place yet the Isoko man did not think it was right for him to get something too. Even when an Itsekiri man was Governor, the Senator and Minister Orubebe were from the same place. So what is the place of the Isoko people ?
Some people are negotiating away the Isoko opportunities and privileges for their own personal gains. Even in the House of Representatives elections, against good advice and common sense they voted for a brother who should be retired now and taking good care of himself. The effect of that very poor decision will soon be made manifest for all to see.
Now, for the Governorship elections they are the first to jump out endorsing Okowa for second term. What do the Isoko people have as a major benefit from the Okowa administration ? The other day I was in Emede to see the ring road but was so disappointed to see that it was indeed a cement road which a Local Government Area chairman should construct. That is what the Isoko people are signposting as a major benefit from the self-acclaimed road master. If Okowa is calling himself a road master what would Akpabio or Wike or even Ibori call themselves? I do not belong to any political party in Nigeria as I vote according to personalities. As a Deltan I am thoroughly disappointed in the poor performance of Okowa.
For my people, the Isoko people they are not in any powerful position in the State yet they think they are getting a good deal. In the executive they are not Governor, Deputy  Governor, SSG or even Chief of Staff; in the legislature they are not Speaker or Deputy Speaker. In the judiciary they are neither Chief Judge nor Attorney General. So what is all the shout about? I think it is some unpatriotic Isoko sons (who can not survive outside Government) who are getting crumbs from the Government that are misleading the Isoko people.
Who are those that are speaking for the entire Isoko Nation? Did they ask the people what they think before engaging in paid endorsements? That Isoko nation endorsement clearly does not reflect the true wishes of the Isoko people. I urge all Isoko sons and daughters to freely vote their conscience. Isoko local political champions receive sense !!!

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