PDP, APC agree with security agents to peaceful elections in Bassambiri in Bayelsa

PDP, APC agree with security agents to peaceful elections in Bassambiri in Bayelsa

Stakeholders of the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progress Congress in Bassambiri, Nembe local government area of Bayelsa State have agreed to work for the success of the state assembly election on Saturday.

This was the resolution reached by the stakeholders after a peace meeting with heads of security agencies in the state.

Bassambiri was at the centre of violence during the last presidential and National Assembly elections.

At the end of the meeting, the stakeholders resolved that security operatives deployed to Bassambiri  should not be obstructed from entering the community to carry out their lawful duties.

They also resolved that security personnel deployed to the area should be neutral and professional in the discharge of their duties while every dug road found in the community be covered up.

According to the resolution, the stakeholders also agreed that any bridge destroyed should be reconstructed while all those who left the area be allowed to return to their various communities without molestation.

The stakeholdera urged those returning to the community to conduct themselves lawfully and insisted on the arrest and prosecution of those behind the killing of Kenneth Adeboh in Bassambiri before the Presidential and National Assembly election.

Elder statesman, Dr. George Fente, Adire Ayebainaemi and Pastor Patience Amaeri signed the resolution on behalf of the PDP while Hon. Ayenumomoipre Otokol, Samuel O. Samuel and Favour Emmanuel endorsed the peace deal for the APC.

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