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Don Declares Presidential Ambition Under PRP In Ilorin

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By Adedeji Joseph, Ilorin
A retired professor of Business Education, Mahmood Muhibeedeen Aliyu on Saturday in Ilorin declared his presidential ambition under the platform of the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP).
Prof Aliyu, who retired from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 2014 promised a masses-oriented programme if elected in the forthcoming 2019 general election.
The Presidential aspirant, from the Nupe speaking area of Kwara State, said a PRP government under him would not only fight corruption but would ensure that the elements that breed corruption are effectively tackled in the country.
According to him, his government would make sure that comprehensive public declaration of assets and liabilities of public office holders would be enforced as well as abolish discriminatory salary and wages system.
The University don, who is a trained lawyer, promised that his Peoples Redemption Party government would monitor individual investments as well as ban private practice by civil servants.
Aliyu expressed PRP’s belief in genuine federation and would therefore strive to forge national unity on the basis of justice and equitable political, social and economic opportunities for all citizens.
His words; “come 2019, with the emergence of PRP as a government in the center, the era of some animals being more equal than the others will be over. All Nigerians will be treated on equal grounds as Nigerians on their individual merit,”.
The presidential aspirant lamented the sordid level of infrastructural decay in Nigeria and said his government would declare a two-year state of emergency on the education sector.
“During the period of the state of emergency, 30 percent of the country’s annual budget will be allocated to education which will be properly utilized, monitored and accounted for.
“During the same period, 15 percent of the national annual budget will also be allocated to the health sector,” he added.
He condemned the high cost of governance in the country which he said was making those in government inexplicable millionaires at the expense of the masses that put them in office.
“PRP Government in the center under our supervision will work towards cutting down the huge cost of governance that we are now battling with. Let us all rise to the occasion and take this country to the promised land and realise this dream during our a time,” Aliyu said.

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