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Egypt out of World Cup, lose 3 – 1 to Russia

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Egypt waited 28 long years to return to the World Cup, but in six short days, they were sent back home, at least technically speaking. They have to play a ceremonial match against Saudi Arabia before flying back home.
Egypt, Tuesday night, lost by three goals to one to host, Russia, who were not given a chance by pundits, but have scored eight goal in two matches.
Mohammed Sallah who played his first-ever world cup match scored his first goal in the competition, but it was not enough.
He was not in the first match against Uruguay owing to a shoulder injury he sustained in the European Champions League injury between hi Liverpool team and Real Madrid. He made up somewhat with his penalty kick.
Russian Cheryshev shares highest goal scorer position with Cristiano Ronaldo with three goals. He scored two against Saudi Arabia and one against Egypt.
No doubt, there will be a lot of tears flowing Cairo, and all over Egypt after the loss, but they play their last .match against fellow Arabs, Saudi Arabia, for pride or whatever it is worth.
Many are praying the fate of Egypt does not befall other Afican countries that have lost opening matches: Nigeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.
So far, Morocco, Nigeria, and Egypt have conceded own goals, in what has become the bane of African teams in the competition.

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