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How I was attacked, with Governor present – Senator who moved Buhari’s impeachment motion

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“We were walking side by side, talking when a boy hit my head and the governor walked away. Before I left Abuja, I knew what was happening and the person responsible for it. I called him to tell him that it was unnecessary but he didn’t pick his calls.
“It would be cowardice for me to abort the journey. I wanted to see what would happen and they displayed their thuggery. I am not cowed by it. I will represent my constituency and do whatever I want to do. Those who beat the PDP State Youth leader were not arrested but he was arrested.
“If this game is not played along the direction that some people want it, then they see you as a deviant. That is what you saw yesterday, asking a riff-raff, a boy of no consequence, to lay his hands on me, an elected representative of the people, a serving Senator, it is a shame on this country.
“They should realise I am a PDP senator. I am in the opposition; I am not a member of the APC. I am at liberty to say anything against the APC government. I am just being objective.
“They had ample time to bring the requests but they didn’t. We could have said more aircraft should be bought. What they have done is rumble jumble. The President has violated the constitution and that is the truth. If anybody is pretending that nothing has been done, the person should go to a mental home. Section 80 has been violated.
“Couldn’t I have spoken? That is what miscreants have misunderstood. I don’t have any regret for what I said. I stand on it. Where did I embarrass the President? Because of selfish interest here and they want to show the President that everybody could be cowed in Edo.
“This is not a war I want to fight on partisan basis. I have immunity on what I say on the floor of the Senate. I am being crucified outside for what I said during plenary. I am going to report back to the Senate. All the security agencies must see the threat I am subjected to because I performed my duty as a Senator.”
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