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3 Chronicles chapter 2: The King returneth!

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By Maraka, the Jukunite.
1. And it happened that on the 18th day of the eight month in the year twenty seventeen which is also the third year of the reign of king Buhari, there  went out a proclamation by the king’s chief announcer Femi, the son of Adesina, a yorubite that the king returneth of the 19th, a day after the proclamation.
2. The proclamation heralded activities in the foreign land where the king  had sojourned  for five score days and three to be healed of his afflictions. The kingdom  and particularly the palace witnesseth  royal preparation. Thither the king’s flying white bird  with green stripes that  tooketh him to the foreign land was made ready to bring him back to the kingdom.
3. And on the day before he returneth, a handful of his people, that liveth in the foreign land, had gathereth at the gate of his guest home, making no little noise asking him to go back home to repair the damage that was done there, or else abdicate.
4.The rabble remindeth him of what happened to Charles, the son of Oputa, the Igbonite, saying some people from his kindred were behind it.
They hurled other profanities of unholy nature at the king.
5.Remindeth they the king of his speech seven years earlier that the king then, Umaru, the son of Yar’Adua, a hausite/fulanite, from his town of katsina, abdicate the throne, because he suffered afflictions.
6. King Umaru had died from his mystery afflictions, as the kingdom spent some dinaries in foreign exchange on medication to save the king. And according to the books of the land, his deputy, Goodluck, the son of Jonathan, a very wise Ijawite from Otuoke village, on the outskirts of the town of Bayelsa., became king.
7. Goodluck reighneth for five years, until he was sent away from his throne by his people, especially with support from the far north and the west of the kingdom.
8. And so it was that while King Buhari tarried in the foreign country that constant prayers were offered to Jehovah Rapha for the healing of the king;
9. as the citizens fasted and cried saying “o king Buhari elected thee by us for leadership, whence cometh affliction upon thee. Promised thou the people saying that thou will lead us to the land flowing with milk and honey. Promised thou o king the people that thou wilt defeat and deliver us from our enemies among whom are the corruptionites, boko haramites, povertites, robberites, kidnappites, unemploymentites, insecuritites and the like.
10. Return ye o king and fulfil thine promises to the people.
11. And so it was that while some prayeth a few other people wanted the destabilization and the disintergration of the kingdom.
12. And they said Yemi the son of Osinbajo the yorubite whom the king ordaineth to seat on the throne cannot rule over us; 13. Others declared “he is able to lead us into the promised land while the king receiveth medicines for his strange afflictions.”
14. Then a  group said  one man to another it is better if the third man in the power hierarchy of the kingdom who presideth over the Sanhedrin by name Bukola the son of Saraki who was himself a great leader, a yorubite/fulanite descent  from Kwara rules in the king’s stead.
15. Then Bukola the son of Saraki and Yakubu the son of Dogara a sayawite from Bauchi, the Oracle of the people’s representatives who is the fourth man in power hierarchy in the kingdom visited the king in the foreign country.
16. When the news of the visit went round the kingdom some group reasoned that the king indeed wanted Bukola the son of Saraki to ascend the throne. And others asked what manner of visitation that was.
17. Others said to one another let the commander of the king’s army dethrone the democratic structure that brought the king and the other leaders and let the the warriors rule over the kingdom. And the people reacted saying that this very counsel shall not prosper.
18. And it came to pass that it appeared  that the  kingdom was losing her stronghold but  God held her together.
19. Conflicts filled the land; the fulanites, the tivites, the idomites, the kakites, the mambillites, the kutebites, the southern kadunites, the plateautites, the northern youthites, the igbonites, the niger deltites and people across tribes and kindred were engaged in various battles of swords and words. Conflicts between tillers of the ground and shepherds over pastures and farmlands were common.
20. And the acting king saw that this was not good and made a decree saying”hear ye o land and the people that dwell therein, terrorist shall he be and treated anyone who engageth in war of words” and the people answered and said may it be done to such person according to the acting king’s word. The acting king understood by the books that the forefathers of the kingdom founded it on love and unity and so shall it be.
21. And it came to pass at God’s appointed time that one of the greatest men of God in the kingdom who ministereth to the people all over the world, a man of great influence who is the general overseer of the acting king’s sanctuary who is by name Enoch Adejare the son of Adeboye, a yorubite visited the king in the foreign land. He went early on the 18th day of the eight month of the third year of the reign of the king and declared to king Buhari, “the Almighty God healeth thee and keep thee. As the Lord liveth and by this time next week thou shall return to thine kingdom and rule over the people.”
22. Not long afterwards, the chief announcer of the king Femi the son of Adesina blew the trumpet announcing the king’s return on the 19th of the eight month of the third year of his reign.
23. And so it was that on the 19th day of the eight month in the third year of Buhari ascenssion to the throne that he returneth to the kingdom on the same flying white bird into the warm embrace of the nobles of the land led by the acting king.
24. And the kingdom wishes the king successful reign as he settleth down to deliver on all his promises.
Long live the king!!
Long live the kingdom!!!!

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