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Umahi: We are not Islamising South East  

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Source: www.thenationalstatesman.com
THE chairman of the South East Governors Forum and Ebonyi State Governor, Dave Umahi has debunked speculations that some governors in the zone were engaged in activities that could Islamize the zone.
The governor, at the meeting of the Forum in Enugu, Monday, linked the speculations that the application of loans linked with the Jaiz Bank, but dismissed any notion that the said loan was in anyway linked with religion.
He explained that the loan was being arranged by the Federal Government.
Showing concerns over the speculations and eager to draw a line between monetary matters and religion, Umahi noted further that, even the choice of those whose pictures adorn the national currencies was not based on their religion.
Admitting that the agitations by “some of our Christian brothers and sisters,” he said “we have read on the pages of newspapers that Enugu, Ebonyi and Abia want to islamise the South East.
“I think the time when we are badly challenged is the time we should be careful about the things we say.”
He explained that: “The banking system has nothing to do with religion. Some of those whose pictures are on the national currencies are Christians and some Moslems.
“So, there this whole thing has actually nothing to do with whether we are moslems or Christians. And in any case, these are loans that are being arranged by the Federal Government. There is nothing about Christianity or Islam that is indicated on the loan.
“We should disregard that and look at it as another hate speech from our detractors.
“We are still very committed to the oneness of our country that is rooted in peace, equity, justice and fairness.”

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