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Pre-requisite for Usefulness and Power 6

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By Festus Ndukwe.
As the clay cannot become a vessel that the potter wants it to be except it yields to him, even so a Christian cannot become the vessel of God’s use until he yields to Him.
If a man yields to Christ to be dealt with by Him, he will become great. If he does not, he becomes a nonentity. The fisher man,
Peter responded to the call to discipleship- Jesus made him a fisher of men, and he fished thousands out of the waters of this world, led the Church and together with the other Apostles his name was carved in the walls of the city of the new Jerusalem.
The rich young ruler did not yield to Christ and we don’t hear about him till today. Some people’s destinies are tied with you. Until you yield they will be eternally lost. When will you yield to God for this refining process that produces the holiness for your readiness to meet with Christ, and usefulness in the kingdom?
Bro. Ndukwe can be reached for clarifications on this and other life issues at: festus.felicia@gmail.com or through whatsapp on +234 8055178972.

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