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The Believer’s Secret Power 1

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By Festus Ndukwe
This is another five part faith building series for our daily victory. It’s all about Christ. Praying one person somewhere will find them a blessing.
1. The Believer’s Secret Power
Marabouts, Satanic agents and the occult have marvelled at the secret behind the power of the Christian. Even many Christians are at a loss at the secret behind their power.
The secret behind the Christian’s power is not first of all prayer and fasting. If it is, one bishop could not have been seen raging and harassing his family members after spending forty days on the mountain, fasting and praying. When he got home, and the wife was not bringing his meal as quickly as he wanted, he fumed,”Don’t you know I have been fasting…” The children were tensed.
The secret behind the believer’s power is Christ. Prayer and praying can be powerful, but prayer is the ‘palm oil’ with which Christ is eaten.
Prayer without Christ is like building a castle in the air; like building a house without a foundation; like building a home, a business, a career, a ministry, and a life without a base. The Bible does not say,”rooted and built up in prayer” but “rooted and built up in him, meaning Christ, Col.2:7. It has pleased God that in Him shall all fullness dwell.
Am I against prayer? No. My teaching and publishing ministry are being carried through and made sharper by prayer. I delight in spending hours in private prayer. But if I do that without Christ, all my labour and effort will be in the air, and one day they will all crash and be blown away by the wind.
There are many who are praying and yet building many things in the flesh. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing.

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