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The Abomination 14

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Written by Mofolowake Omololu.
The next day Lola woke up on a whim, she had a breezy and excited air to her. Kola thought it weird at first considering his wife had downed at least three glasses of that brew he was sure was intoxicating, so how wasn’t she in bed with a splitting headache, flinching at every slight sound.
He watched her move like a cat around the room, felt like she was gliding but maybe it was just his head playing games with him. The Brazilian brewers where definitely ahead of the game with this intoxicating brew that didn’t turn a person into a mush at day break.
Kola humored Lara through the day, she was happy and it gave him enough time to draw up a plan in his head.
They went out later that day to check out the stores in the city. They visited every store they set eyes on and bought a few too many items as Lara was truly elated and wanted everything that fit, Kola was very sure most of what they had bought would eventually be given out but didn’t say it. He was biding his time.
Finally, he asked that their cab driver make on last stop at any fine brewery shop along their way, he wanted to stuck up on that brew Shola had served them. Lara was excited to know her husband too liked the drink, she loved it. “Very oblivious wife”, Kola thought.
At dinner Kola brought up Shola, he said he thought he was cool and they too could host him. Their suite had a dinning area and they could order in. Kola said he thought Shola could do with people he shared similar history with. Lara thought he was making a joke but she agreed that they invited them over, Shola and Janice.
They were on time and the shindig began. They ordered a four course dinner of exquisite Brazilian taste with a locally made wine, non alcoholic, equally exquisite. The meal was very detailed and Janice was very nice as she explained origins, significance and details of each course. They retired to the living room after they were done eating and chatted.
Kola brought forth the drink he had bought in anticipation for that night and just than Janice’s pager beeped indicating she was needed at the hospital were she worked as a doctor. She’d been called in the other day too so it was very unfortunate she had to go again, at least she’d had time enough to go through dinner with them. As she bid them bye she saw the brew Kola had in hand and reminded them to be good and not over indulged.
Kola danced a happy dance in his head as she closed the door behind her. He’d hoped she’d get called in and she had been, things were going according to plan.
They drank and chatted and laughed and Kola watched as they got drunker and drunker, he played the good host and kept filling their glasses. He also made sure the train of conversation didn’t derail his plans. Even when the weather changed and Shola suggested he headed out Kola insisted he stayed as Janice had the car and they didn’t need him getting wet. Shola was drunk so he couldn’t think very logically and agreed. Janice had also called to ask Shola to wait the rain out since it was heavy.
After a while, Lara and Shola were very few inches apart from each other and Kola was so far away from view one could swear he wasn’t there at all, but he was very alert and watched to make sure there were no errors to his plan.

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