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Devaan says…. Drudgery, anti-social hubby are making me consider divorce

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Dear Devaan,
I have been married for 3 years now. My husband is the decent sort, at least judging from all the things I hear other women say about their husbands. He earns a decent salary and takes care of my needs as best he can. We don’t have any children yet and he seems to be taking it in his stride. He isn’t pressuring me in any way. At the moment I am a full time housewife and have not been able to get a job so I am stuck at home all day every time. It’s just been 3 years but I don’t know how much longer I can take this drudgery o. One flaw my husband has: no social life. Nobody visits him and if I go out he winds up calling me practically every hour. I am losing my mind. He goes to work and leaves me home alone, closes late mostly so I am stuck with just the TV for companionship. I’m actually on the verge of considering a divorce. Am I petty? Please help!
Devaan says…: Hmmmm.
Bernice hi. I somehow feel I just don’t have enough information to really give advice and it might not be totally out of place to hear his side of the story too. You didn’t tell me your age, only how long you have been married. That would have given me more insight into your dilemma. That said, nothing beats communication my sister. Your husband might genuinely not know how lonely and bored you are. You have mentioned that he is a decent person. Sit him down on a day when he is in a really good mood and pour your heart out. See if he can make time for you both to share a hobby you can both be involved in at the weekend. If he can’t, get something started. A small business of your own. He should give you money to start something. That will keep you busy and give you some sense of importance. If all else fails, involve marriage counselors. Exhaust everything in your arsenal before even contemplating divorce. Never use a permanent solution for a temporary situation. You might even get work tomorrow. I hope you have been shipping your CVs around. Marriage is usually not easy o. It involves a whole lot of give and take, sunshine and rain. But if you truly love each other, you find a way to make it work. I wish you all the best dear.

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