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How to be in Life and not in Death 3

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3. *How to be in Life and not in Death*
By Festus Ndukwe.
Now what does it mean to be in life and in death? Any time you struggle to do a work or employ your energy to do it you are in death. You are in death because you are not able to trust Christ as your life.
When you notice you are struggling don’t force yourself to do anything. Pray. Wait. On the other hand you may not feel like doing anything; it is as if you lack the drive or strength. That is when to take a step of faith. As you go, despite your feelings, Christ the life takes over and it will seem as if you are in the heavens. That is how to work in rest. Even if you have worked for hours you will remain fresh. It means you are in life. But when after you have worked or preached for just a few minutes you feel drained or miserable as if there were some things you would have said that you didn’t say it means the work was not done in life.
Those who desire to be in life, live and work by faith. Those who don’t care about this way of life depend on their hard work and effort. This is suffering.
The other day, I was given a big topic to speak to a group of young professionals that want to support missions. If I look at the topic it means I must go into much research and expositional study. It means I would not sleep or do other tasks. What did I do? I turned to Christ within trusting Him to tell me what to say and how to say it. It was taking sometime time, even close to the date of the meeting. I was not moved. One day Christ just came, and within seconds gave me the message and Scriptures in line with the spiritual needs of the people. Again, I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I was brooding the message in my mind. I went to the meeting. There was no need of sermon note as what He gave that came direct from heaven was not a sermon but a message. It came out strong. That day I knew within me that I served in life. I have learnt to live this way because whatever work I do here on earth must be done according to His will or work in heaven. This is how to live in rest and remain fresh.

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