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Northern Elders comment on 2019…. Views from abroad

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From Gbade Akanbi, India.
Rather than the northern elders making unnecessary preparation and struggle about 2019 as if that is the only food they have to eat all their days, I think they should equally do a very serious introspection regarding what happened to Yar’adua and the fear over Buhari’s health.
There is an handwriting on the wall they appear not to be seeing or maybe they are pretending not to see. They need to ask themselves the crucial question:’Why is it almost becoming a trend that the presidents from the north get incapacitated once they reach midway of their first term?’ For me, this is the issue they need to address.
They tend to be very religious, can they hear or see from the divine perspective rather than crying like baby for biscuits. With the unfortunate death of Yar’adua and the current health challenges of PMB, I strongly believe that God is telling the northern politicians ‘Lift not up the horn of personal aggrandizement, lift not up your aggressive horn on high, speak not with a stiff neck and insolent arrogance, for not from the east, nor from the west, nor from the desert comes exaltation But God is the Judge, He puts down one and exalts another ‘ They need to introspect.
I want to humbly appeal to the Acting President not to struggle to contest in 2019, not because of the threat of some arrogant elements from the north but rather because of integrity. God is humbling the north but they are not realizing it. The earlier they did, the better. God bless Nigeria. I believe God is speaking to the Nigerian politics.
From Chidi, Canada
Now we know the true enemies of the state, others are praying for baba, this one is proposing and preparing for his death… Ok oo
After we will all be claiming we have Nigeria at heart!
To him, Buhari’s life doesn’t matter, so long as a northerner is ruling.
With this mentality, how can he escape from the fact that he is tribalistic and that any such president he can produce will be a president for the North, only interested in the north and it’s developments and meting out marginalization to all else? Such can never be a president for all, going by this his assertions and prerequisites for presidency candidature. Other countries are interested in the most competent, we are interested in who is from my tribe or religion. Nonsense!
If he says the north is marginalized after having produced over 90% of the presidents or heads of state, since independence what will he say of other ethnicities that make up Nigeria? Are they less Nigerians or with less leadership capabilities?
I’m ashamed of this kind of reasoning, because the whole world is reading these and drawing their conclusions about us!

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