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This administration is unfair to Christians, says CAN Youth President

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From Musa Solomon, Yola.
Barely one week after the Director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) Professor Ishad Akintola accused Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) of sheltering corrupt Christians, the national president youth wing CAN, Daniel David Kadzai,has said that the dangerous line where Muslims are favoured over Christians in the body polity may not augur well for the system.
“It is sad and unfortunate that some Nigerians either due to sentiments, bigotry or cronyism chose to be blinded to the obvious reality of evident Islamic agenda and interest exhibited by the APC administration,” he stated.
Daniel in a press statement made available on Saturday in Yola, Adamawa State, said that CAN as a body is not against fighting corruption, but that the war against corruption should be wholistic and not selective as the present situation.
“We are watching the outcome of the SGF and NIA Director General’s drama and perhaps who takes over from them. We simply demand equity, social justice and the rule of law.”
“To the pundits of Islamization or superiority of Isla, let us put the records straight. Christianity has never been known for mediocrity from the ancestry of the Jewish religion. From Abraham, Moses, Jacob, King David and the divine legate Jesus Christ the source of Christianity, there is no trace of mediocrity,” he said.
He maintained that CAN will not be distracted by people he described as lacking in ability, objectivity to critically and deductively analyse the dangers inherent in government’s approach to national issues.
“We are aware of the age long denigration of Christian leaders in Nigeria while promoting Muslim leaders at all cost,” he stated.
The CAN youth president maintained further that the modesty and decency of Christian leaders over the years is evident in the leadership of General Yakubu Gowon, exhibited by the likes of Ernest Shonekan, balanced by Obasanjo’s statesmanship and confirmed by Goodluck Jonathan who rather than resisting the conspiracy and manipulation to unseat him handed over to avoid a planned blood bath.
“The APC administration shamelessly truncated the trust of Christians to appoint over 90% Muslims in key positions. Is Nigeria for the Muslims? Are the Muslims the most qualified to rule Nigeria? Had Gowon in the 60s’ or Obasanjo and Goodluck contemplated what Buhari did, would the Muslims have tolerated it…,” he asked.
According to him the present administration has furthered the palpable divide and distrust between the Christians and Muslims.
“This administration and its Islamic protégés have not only marginalized Christians especially of the North but have also used its anti-curruption war to systematically shield Muslims, past and present corrupt leaders.,” he said.
“We are aware some few Muslims are used as sacrificial lambs to deceive Christians. We refuse to be deceived.Unless the appointments are balanced, unless the corrupt Muslims are no longer tactically shielded, we can no longer trust this administration no matter the rhetorics of paid praise singers,” he maintained.
Daniel pointed out that true nationalists are blind to religious, tribal and regional interests. “A reminder is that, despite the favor against Christians, the economy remains in shambles and Muslims are not immune to the hunger and poverty in Nigeria,” he said.

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