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The Abomination 1

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Written by Mofoluwa Jackson.
Omolara graduated at the tender age of 21, served at 22, worked and acquired a Masters degree simultaneously. She went through the motions pretty quickly and one would say she was a successful woman in control of her life but there had been one thing, one very important thing she hadn’t been successful at and that was settling down and starting a family.
She’d thought things would fall into place very easily and her life of ease would continue, being a fervent Christian, praying her way through everything. She’d kept herself deliberately, and constantly reminded her wandering heart not to awaken love until it was time and she’d received strength for the trials so far.
She wasn’t immune to the charms of men, in fact, she’d had her own fair share of crushes, all manner of them. She’d come to realize she didn’t particularly have a type, he just had to have a fine face, a dapper appearance, good communications skills, be responsible and she was potty at his feet. All these were from a distance though, she never came close to anyone of her crushes just incase she was loading a gun that wasn’t meant to be shot.
She believed firmly, despite societal changes and conformation, that men were the ones who proposed to women and she refused to be tagged as forward even in her own mind, so she calmly put her crushing heart in a tight rein that it couldn’t break lose from.
She hadn’t thought too much of the people who had asked when she would marry after school, she’d been young. She’d began to worry when she invited her friends to her 25th birthday. Four stayed home with their toddlers, while six showed up with their husbands or fiances. The only single persons there had been the guys she’d gone to school with and three of her friends, but two were in relationships but had come alone.
She’d prayed harder after that and was on the look out so much so she could be compared to a watchman. That’s why she’d agreed to court Kolawole at 27 plus after she’d felt some relief and a sense of rest with his proposal. She didn’t think too much this time and just wanted things to flow as naturally as possible. She didn’t stop praying, but somewhere in her heart she was convinced that Kola was the one and it was about time he showed up.
They met at a seminar her colleague at work had invited her to, he had been in the Protocol Unit and had assisted her in finding her friend. She’d gone back to thank him after and he’d invited her on a date, she accepted and they exchanged contacts. Their date had been surreal and he’d shown a lot of interest in her and asked to see her again. This sparked a series of Kola centered prayers.
He was a Christian and that had warmed her heart, he’d had told her his journey had been rough, even if he had spared her the details, she was relieved to know he had found his Jesus Christ along the way.
Society had taught her that it was women who had to remain pure so even if she’d prayed for a husband that had kept himself and waited on God, she realized that she might have been jumping the gun and Kola was in fact God’s will for her, and she supposed she had been jumping into conclusion since she didn’t even know how rough his ‘rough’ had been. After all he had come in the nick of time proposing marriage to her, and she wasn’t overly agitated by him as opposed to how she had felt with some other men.
Kola was her dream come true, they attended fellowships and events together, made mutual friends and just had a good time together.
They had both kept their hands to themselves and in the event that they strayed, they were guarded enough to call each other to order. It was a blissful ride.
After 7 months of getting to know each other they were both convinced of their decision to settle down and it was time to meet the parents.
Kola’s mother and sisters received her pleasantly and with arms wide open; he’d lost his father when he was 16. All of his sisters were married but had come home to see their baby brothers fiancée, apparently he never brought anyone hoeve before. The reception had her feeling like the baby of the house, they took her contacts and kept in touch with her. It was strange, since she was the first of two and Kola was the last of three and an only boy, but it was welcomed.
When they met her parents the reception had been strained but she wasn’t fazed since she knew her parents were introverted and she had prepared him for their attitude. Her father had asked a thousand and one questions and Kola had answered them aptly and they had been impressed. Even though her mother called her aside telling her she wasn’t sure what it was but there was something about Kola she couldn’t place a finger on, she’d told her mother off explaining how Kola was God sent. They hadn’t said they didn’t like him but there was the possibility, she didn’t care, she’d waited too long and given all of nine months into the relationship so they had to get married.
She figured the choice was really hers and she was decided.
The extended family had been thrilled with the marriage news since she was the oldest female child in the family and two cousins after her had already settled down. Dates had been set for the dowery payment and then they had gone to be married before God and his people. The wedding had been colorful and memorable….
Omolara sat with glazed eyes staring blankly at her wedding album, it has been 9 years since the beautiful day that held so many pre-shattered dream.

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