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Ghanaian nanny allegedly slaughtered while Saudi Police looked on?

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An unverified video making the rounds has shown a woman being slaughtered on a street alleged to be in Saudi Arabia.
One source said it was a Ghanaian nanny, identified as Boatema,  being killed by a father because his baby she was taking care of fell down the stairs.
The angry source alleged that there was “no court, nothing. Instant justice from father with police looking on. O my people!.”
He added that it was “barbaric, inhuman, and satanic.”
He added: “Poverty and lack of education  or knowledge is a terrible disease  in Africa. (That country) is a country  that any decent  human should not  visit. If you pass through this … country with a Bible, you will spend 10 years in jail or dead. These … Arabs only want African vote at the U.N. when  they are fighting JEWS.”
(everyday.ng cannot upload the video because of its gory nature.)

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