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From the Social Media…Balancing Scripture

Must read

Source: Unknown.
This is a brilliant piece I received from a schoolmate. It’s worth reading (and sharing).
I call it a *”Balance In The Word”*. Pls read…
DearPastors/Teachers/Preachers/Ministers/ Apostles/Evangelists/Etc
When you preach ot teach salvation and deliverance, don’t make it look like it is only a picnic or tea party, but let them know it also entails a readiness to carry the cross daily with a willingness to die, if need be, for the cause of God and His Christ
When you preach the correct biblical principle of sowing and reaping, please balance it with the biblical principle of  hard work, diligence and creativity (study Joseph) or else you will be raising a bunch of lazy Christians always expecting manna from heaven.
When you preach the correct biblical principle of perfect and divine health please balance it with the correct biblical principle of healthy living, or else you will be raising a bunch of gluttonous Christians that will be casting the spirit of cholesterol out of obviously harmful meals._
When you preach that Jesus is Lord above all lords, tell them also to respect and obey all constituted authority as long as that authority does not tell them to go against the word of The LORD God Almighty.
When you preach the principle of  transfer of the gentiles wealth balance it with the teaching of solid business planning, fiscal discipline, developing a competitive edge within your industry (who amongst you will want to build a house and not first of all count the cost….planning)_
When you preach that God will bring knowledge to the remembrance of students writing exams, please balance it with the fact that it is what they had studied before that can come to their memory. Teach them to study hard for their exams. Apostle Paul specifically requested Timothy to bring his BOOKS to him in the prison._
When you teach them that none shall lack his/her mate, teach them interpersonal relationship skills, positive attitude, dress etiquette, social etiquette, modesty_
When you teach them that God will prosper them, please let them know that it is what their hands find doing that God will multiply. God will not multiply an empty hand doing nothing._
Please teach them that God did not say He will give them wealth. The Bible says it is God that gives you power to make wealth. Tell them God will give them power in form of knowledge, friends, good health, intellect, time and God expects them to use these power to make wealth._
Please teach them the correct thing for the body of Christ to be healthy and vibrant. God will help His church in Jesus name Amen._

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