(Social Media) Pastor of Winners’ chapel, Kaduna kidnapped and butchered in the presence of wife and son…

Late Pastor Omolewa

Service was great on Sunday, but little did Pst Jeremiah Omolewa of Winners’ chapel, Kaduna, know it would be his last.

After service, he left for an event in Abuja with his wife and son.

On their way back, uniformed men stopped them along Abuja/Kaduna expressway.

Thinking they were security personnels, he stopped.

They ordered them into the bush.

But puzzled as to why security personnels would want them in the bush, he asked them why they were taking them into the bush.

That infuriated them and they shot him twice.

Then, used knife and butchered his chest in the presence of his wife and son (oh!!! the horror!).

The hoodlums proceeded into the bush with the wife and son.

The son escaped yesterday, but the mum is still in their custody.

According to the son, his mum was unconscious when he escaped as she was also hit by a bullet.

My prayers are with the family. And I pray the woman is rescued alive.

This country leaves you emotionally devastated.
People are dying daily in the hands of these terrorists and some people are still playing politics with it.

Source: Anonymous

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