(Opinion) The Book of the Judges of Imo
Rochas Okorocha

(Opinion) The Book of the Judges of Imo

By (Original Author Unknown)

If this was in biblical times, then there will be chapters on Rochas and it will read like this …

Chapter 38.
1. So it was, after the second reign of Rochas son of Okorocha, that it came time for another king to be appointed over the people of Imo (for so was the manner of the people of the east, that a king shall not rule over them for more than half a dozen and 2 years), that Rochas purposed in his heart to appoint his son-in-law to be the chief prince and put him in favour with the people of the land as to make way for his in-law to be crowned the next King.
2. His in-law being the same Uche, the son of Nwosu who was his armour bearer during his second reign. It is this same Uche Nwosu that Rochas the son of Okorocha chose to make the king.
3. On the self same day when the princes gathered to decide who among the chief princes will be put forward to the Imo people of the east, that there arose another prince by name Hope, the son of Uzodinma and appealed to the princes to consider the atrocities committed by Rochas and therefore reject his son-in-law from being the chief prince elect of the clan of APC.
4. It happened that the chief princes thought it wise to hear the plea of Hope the son of Uzodinma, and so doing rejected Uche the son of Nwosu.
5. But Rochas, because this was of the Lord to bring destruction to his clan, hardened his heart and chose him some sons of Belial to crown Uche as the chief prince of another clan called AA, which no man has ever heard of.
6. Little did they know that there was in time past another prince of the land, who his mother was the sister of the former Exchequer of the land (Ndi Okereke Onyuike).
7. Ndi Okereke, when she gathered the gold and silver in the land of SEC, took this young prince by name Emeka the son of Ihedioha, to bow down before the chief Governor of a great country in the Western province of Africa. The name of the king being Olusegun Obasanjo.
8. In the days of this chief Governor Obasanjo began Emeka to learn the ways of leadership for he was found to be a goodly man.
9. This is the same Emeka that said nay, shall APC rule over us? Tai mechonu, neither shall Uche Nwosu rule.
10. He, Emeka purposed in his heart and said I shall arise and save my people, if I die, I die. Who know whether it was for a time like this was I brought up in the palace of the chief Governor Obasanjo.
11. Therefore he arose and was supported by the chief princes of the PDP clan. The land of Imo were of a happy countenance for such a goodly prince as he.
12. There were also other men of non repute everyone arising on their own, leaving their masters and forming their own clan YPP, APGA, NCC to name only a few for there were many. But they were not sent, they sent themselves. Only he, Emeka the son of Ihedioha, was sent.

Chapter 39.
1. Now came the time when the chief princes went to contest and for the people to chose them a leader:
2. That there was trouble in the land;
3. The trouble in the land was so severe that the people burned the altar of INEC. INEC altar being the place where the people gathered to cast their lots for to who shall be their next leader.
4. They even arrested Kelechi Ezirim, chief head of INEC, for to stone him. But mercy was shown unti him, the soldiers arrested him and put him in the dungeon.
5. Uzodinma having angered the people by seeking help from a prophet from another town was rejected.
6. While Rochas son of Okorocha boasteth of his own power that there shall arise no man to succeed him, save only his son-in-law, the anger of the people rose against him
7. Emeka the son of Ihedioha (which when interpreted means “the thing that everyone likes) sought favour of the people and recieveth from him and thereby was approved.
8. And it came to pass that on the nineth day of the third month of the year of our Lord shortly after the marking of ash Wednesday that the people came out in their numbers (for they were many) to choose a king.
9.That favour rose upon Emeka and the people all said with one voice.
10. Emeka shall rule us, Emeka shall rule us.
11. This angered King Rochas Okorocha but for the fear of the multitude, for they were many and were stronger that he, seeing that his chief princes withdrew themselves of him, king Rochas withdrew to his chamber.

Chapter 40
1. It came to pass afterwards that the anger of the people were not yet assuaged; for the sins of Rochas were many;
2. That they went about pulling down all the images of Uche the son of Nwosu, the son-in-law of Okorocha;
3. Chanting how shall this man think in his heart that he shall be lord over us.
4. And some wondered how these things were for very many a men thought in their hearts that Rochas shall call on his men of little repute to disturb the city.
5. For so it was that on that day when Emeka the son of Ihedioha was announced the new king;
6. That Hope the son of Uzodinma repented he of his choice to be chosen as the chief prince of APC, he went and bowed down to Emeka the son of Ihedioha and ate he at his table.
7. And there he sat till this day, for Emeka son of Ihedioha gave him a king’s portion seeing that Hope the son of Uzodinma has repented.
8. Lo, the acts of Rochas Okorocha, that of his son-in-law and of his men of little repute, are they not written in the chronicles of the kings of Imo a town of the East.

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